79. black eyed susan *

feel like going for a ride
little girl?
well, hop right on in
with those lovely long legs of yours.
So, where you goin’
this time of night
& all alone like that
just like you was waitin for someone, yeah?
& does your mommy know where you are?
No? and your friends? No?
well, I’ll be your friend, OK?
Yeah, we’ll just turn in here a minute.
So, you wanna play a game? – OK.
It’s called find a friend –
you find me & I’ll find you, OK?
I’ll look for minnie mouse
& you see if you can find mickey.
Oh, yeah, he’s home all right.
You don’t like this game?
Well, why the fuck not?
 – & you didn’t like it last time neither?
What do you mean, on highway 41?
Last Thursday? Oh, yeah, that was you?
And what you got there, honey?
What you got