165. the right stuff.

so soon
it has come to this
a shabby populace
in the downward spiral
yet you who want to live proper
sit quiet & accept this fate.
without a choice we lay waste
to her
our carbon seeds are sown
& our fate awaits us
with open arms
our fossil spoor spread
to the four winds
by progress, by technology,
by a flock of circling jumbos
stacked in a holding pattern forever.
& I bet you’ve noticed, too –
the stuff they want you to give up
 – it’s always the neat stuff:
you’re never asked to forgo salad
or spinach or bri-nylon shirts.
no – they want you to
stop smoking, have safe sex,
drive a little less, a little slower
give up the alcopops & the E.
safe sex: – was there ever a sadder
notion in all creation?
these eco-sodomizers ‘d have you
give up your turkey twizzlers
given half a chance.
how much rainforest does that tipi cost ?
how much arctic tundra laid waste
for these vegan sandals ?
6 yr olds toiling for a dollar a day
in some far-off land
is that not called Utopia
for you and me ?