346. Liqueurs, Madam ? …. Ooh, Vicar ! *

Would you care for cunnilingus ?

   – I don’t mind if I do.

And would you like to call the verger round ?

He’d like a peek or two


I’d love to have an audience

To tap their feet in time

To give me useful pointers

While the waiter pours the whine


I’ll need to take it slowly

On your lightly scented kipper

Although it seems inviting

It’s as dry as Ghandi’s slipper


And does my dick look big in this ?

I’m yearning to enquire

But my lingual apparatus

Is truly bogged down in the mire


And now my child at last I think

I hear a heavenly choir

Though my ears are somewhat stifled

The music’s playing higher


Your breathless panting now subsides

At last my turn has come

I flip you over, slip inside

Your fragrant little…