358. Nancy *

I met this girl

she’s covered in skin

I know what you’re thinking

it’s a crying sin

her’s got no roses, no barbed wire

no celtic symbols, no skulls on fire

she’s got no writing anywhere

she’s even got some pubic hair !

she’s not Brazilian

you understand

and she’s not the sort to be underhand

but a hairy beaver’s a bit much

for my delicate sensibilities’ touch

I’m munching carpet, but long for lino

it’s like the thicket on a bearded wino

and no adornments to take my fancy

no pierced clit, no Chinese “Nancy”

to make the hole experience proper

she’s a lovely lass but I’ll have to drop her

I wonder what it’s coming to

but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do

so I told her straight – It’s not me, it’s you

start to act normal, get a tattoo.