319. what a birthday.

that’s an Egyptian cat, she says.

how do you know?


well, first off, he came from Egypt

and second

the Fez is a dead giveaway….

– how the fuck should I know

he’s the Egyptian – ask him.


yeah right.

so why is the Egyptian cat

running round the house

with that thing sticking out of his ass ?


what thing ?

that thing – that foot

of tinsel:

– and the cats running round & round

cos he thinks the tinsel’s chasing him.


Oh – I wonder how that got in there ?

she wonders.


well, either some lunatic’s going round

inserting tinsel into cats

or the fucking cat’s eaten it

…….. what do you think ?


well, I’m sure he wouldn’t have eaten it

and by the way, the word’s arse

not ass.