260. My Gap Year *

this is as close to heaven

as I’m ever likely to get,

I thought,

as I knelt in front of her

& she just stood there

in pink satin panties

 – a vision –

and edging my fingers under

the elastic & gently

easing them lower

a tattoo revealed itself

in Kunstler Script

just above her mound:

it read  Mind the Gap

and I could see why

as my cupped palm could fit

sideways between the top of her legs

and barely touch the sides.

this was the moment when I

got religion, of a sort,

and decided

that there must be a god after all

as nothing so perfect could have evolved

in less than a billion years or so.


Other times it was blondes,

other times Asians

but at twenty one

this was my gap year.