36. the warrior.

today I feel a little disempowered,
a little disenfranchised,
maybe a little bit ……
generally disadvantaged,

– or some other such lame lament
that dribbles from the mouths
of half-wit liberals
& their semi-conscious sidekicks.

Let’s get some things straight.
there’s no such thing as human rights,
there’s no such thing as animal rights,
there’s no such thing as rights, full stop.

You’re here and you make the most of it,
blessed or cursed
with all that comes your way.

Live your life as a warrior
& let your death be your guide
and impeccability will draw you in as a friend,
& when you can see that there is only life & death,
then the start of your journey is complete
and the wonder of life is yours for the asking.