57. passing time.

I remember when I saw you first
and I was totally disinterested
in what I already knew,
but for want of a peaceful life, I agreed,
& in we walked from the street below & sat down
with a drink, waiting for the show to begin.

And then it was over, in the blink of an eye,
and an hour or more had passed,
an hour of my life lived in heaven
gazing on angels –
 – like I had been waiting for this
all my life
but now when it came
it came as a bolt from the blue
and it was love at first sight,
 – though I don’t expect
that if I lived a thousand years
I would see it’s like again,
for it was one night, one hour, one time
one moment in a life
when fate and mood and opportunity collide
never to reunite,
for how could they ?