187. something for the weekend.

time was,
bigfoot was almost a legend,
a myth really.
now, in the suburbs,
they’re turning over trash cans
& going through dumpsters
& getting bolder by the day.
Last week, I heard,
one goes into McDonalds
and orders a cheeseburger,
large fries & a banana milkshake.

I was up at the outlet mall on 59
& one picks up a pair of fuchsia
diamante Jimmy Choos
& says to Jo-Beth
Excuse me,
have you got these in a 28 ?
  –  big hairy fuckers …..
very polite though.

And another was getting his hair cut
down at Dex’s
& when they’re done,
Dex says discreetly
 – and something for the weekend, Sir ?
Sure, says Bigfoot, wiggling his toes,
but have you seen the size of these dogs ?
Cocky bastard.