161. Happy Eater.

had a Happy Meal the other day
 – well, it looked happy enough –
or maybe that was just the drink talking,
 – a McMilkshake, – (fucking delicious) –
or at least they used to be,
before the partially hydrolysed cornstarch,
whey solids & aspartame
(contains a source of phenylalanine),
and the mind-altering quantities of sucrose.
and that plastic McToy – (fucking delicious) –
well, better than the McDippers
‘n creosote-flava BBQ sauce.
and a story goin’ round – (fucking delicious) –
that one kid found a nametag in his burger,
with “Tiddles” on it.
Yeah right !
Binkie I can believe. or Mogs, but Tiddles?
No way, Ron.
Anyway, gotta run,  
– this crap goes right thru ya.