231. See You Next Tuesday.

there was this rather self-satisfied

bearded messianic wanker

on TV about a fortnight ago

with his empty-eyed smiling acolytes

spouting forth dreamily

 – as if we haven’t heard it all before –

about how the world is going to end

next Tuesday


and some be-suited earnest TV-type

filling in to camera that this particular

nut-house cult held to a

back-to-nature & shag-your-children ethic

(don’t they all ?)


Well, now it’s Thursday,

and yet again,

we’re still here.


But I’ve noticed

that the TV-types never seem to revisit

Mr Wanker & his pals

to ask for some sort of an apology.

  I mean,

if this was double glazing

or vitamins or face-cream

I think there’d be some explaining to do,

don’t you?