342. going nowhere & everywhere*

Always been a sucker for a mucous membrane. and way back when, before chemo, when a lady’s wig was worn with a flourish ma’s open-mouthed body-warm polystyrene head returned French Kisses to an over-eager not-yet-teenager, home alone.   The first such explorations on breathing matter were heavy-wet delicious sweet & hungry luscious peach devoured from inside-out.                         ~ An altogether darker delight’s hidden beneath the musky veil the briny piscine cave of dusky deep initiation where, love’s mansions cast also awaited lingual comfort, and others and was not left wanting.                         ~ And yet one more this of the wild, the wanton, the animal, the path not taken, maybe the fare too rich for many fought over by angels & devils by Pope & Sade the end of the trail, you might say for there is no other destination but dust.