248. the lights are on.

I heard that finding yourself

is something best started next week

so that’s what I did

having gathered

a few essentials:


got a few tattoos

got a few piercings


dyed my hair – all beads & corn-rows


a little navel-gazing

a little couch-surfing

a little interaction with the natives

but still, I was nowhere to be found.


that’s doubtless because

I’m a little bit special, unique, a one-off no less,

I’m beautiful, witty & sarcastic

 – but not everyone can take that


I’m clever, generous & optimistic

in fact I don’t think I’ve a single fault

except maybe I’m too hard on myself.

I need to believe in myself,

listen to my inner child,

to have more me-time,

because – well – I’m worth it.


Hey !  – look at that !

I’ve gone & found myself after all

but my, it’s dark in here.