220. josh.

It had seemed an eternity

since we crashed

into the snowy mountain peaks

& it was obvious now that no-one was coming.

In another few hours it would be dark

and silent except for the howling wind.


We drew lots to decide

 – the Indian guy in the blue suit won –

he was dead anyway, or dying, maybe, to be accurate.


he said his name was –

Rogan Josh.

Someone managed to find the salt & pepper sachets 

& we got a barbie going,

opened a few tinnies

& I’ll tell you

 – we worked up a real appetite

hacking his leg off with those plastic knives

& what a baby – never shut up whining.

It didn’t help with Jamie cracking jokes about

being partial to an Indian & something about coriander  

 – said he was only trying to cheer him up like.

Anyway, as I said,

it really was a matter of survival

cos no-one was going to eat that lukewarm airline food

although the peanuts were OK

 – something to munch on

whilst Jamie turned the steaks.