129. WAGs

when I was at my lowest ebb,
I really did think about
or that other one –
– like herry kerry –
where you put a red rubber band
round your wrist, same as Madonna,
& it’s a really painful way to go,
Dannii said,
but at least you get to say goodbye
to your loved ones,
and your hubby.

But I’m over all that now –
cleaned up my act
more or less –
& I’ve worked my way up
to The Times crosswrd
when he’s away,
and on a good day
I reckon I can do it
in about twenty minutes,
after a couple of lines & a glass or two,
if they don’t make no mistakes, that is.
I mean, I never even heard of
Napoleon Bonerparte;
is he that feller off TV
saving kids in Africa ?
or is that Gary Glitter ?
hang on, the Bentley’s here – gotta go –
– see ya. Chow !