262. Edward.

Edward Fox

was simply born to speak the word


with an appropriate level of gravitas.


the crooked teeth,

the tweedy English threads

with leather elbow-patches,

the brogues,

the very epitome

of the Public School chemistry teacher

if ever I saw one.


I’ve scoured the periodic table

from Helium to Lawrencium

to see if there is some mistake;

I’ve tried to imagine him

treading the boards and

un self-consciously

enunciating the other alkali metals,

the transition elements,

the noble gases & even the actinides,

but I always return to the calcareous king

of chemistry, chalk & cheese –

our good friend, calcium.


In case you think I’m mistaken,

just picture it in your mind’s eye

& see if you can imagine him

convincingly, lovingly, tenderly

calling another’s name.